BitMEX Arthur Hayes Confirms: It’s A Bull Market

Bitcoin’s price took a turn for the best over the past couple of days as it breached the coveted $10,000 mark in today’s early hours. 

Naturally, this brought a lot of excitement in the cryptocurrency community, and a definitive testament of this is the reaction of Arthur Hayes – the CEO of one of the leading Bitcoin margin trading exchanges, BitMEX. 

“It’s A F***** Bull Market”

Arthur Hayes, the CEO at BitMEX, is known for his eccentric behavior and witty comments. More than once has he expressed his opinion in a way that’s characteristic only of himself. 

Just at the beginning of June, when BitMEX listed the BCH/USD perpetual contract, the CEO commented on the matter, saying: 

“BCHUSD perp is now live. Which shitcoin should BitMEXdotcom list next?”

Today, Bitcoin confirmed a move above $10,000, reaching as high as $10,320 on Binance. The comments from Hayes didn’t disappoint. 

“It’s a f****** bull market, are you ready!!!” – Tweeted the executive, attaching a screenshot of the classic 1992 David Memet-scripted film “Glengarry Glen Ross.” 

The picture includes Alec Baldwin using the “Always Be Closing” motivational phrase that’s commonly used to describe the perfect sales strategy. 

And while the sentiment in the market is definitely positive right now, it’s important to remember that there’s a serious resistance coming up at $10,500 and claiming it is very important for Bitcoin’s forward momentum. 

Binance’s CZ Being The Voice of Reason

And while Hayes’ voice might appeal to a lot in the community, Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of the largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, is being more reasonable. 

As Bitcoin’s price rages on, CZ called for cautiousness. 

“As the winter ice begin to thaw and more people getting into crypto, please learn risk management. Don’t risk everything you have on one trade or even one asset. Stay SAFU.”

Indeed, it’s easy to give to euphoria and start trading emotionally, which is something a lot of professionals advise against. 

However, CZ was also quick to admit that he doesn’t follow the advice he gave. 

“I don’t follow this advice myself as I have 99% of my net worth associated with one asset. But I do have a larger cushion. And I am still an entrepreneur. 

Everyone’s situation is different. Manage your risk accordingly.” – He concluded. 



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