Cardano Partners with Global Telecom Company World Mobile

Cardano Foundation’s foray into the developing countries, especially African nations, has been greeted with great excitement as the not-for-profit blockchain foundation announced a partnership deal with World Mobile, a telecommunication firm that aims at providing mobile network service to people across the world.

Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of IOHK, the company backing Cardano blockchain technology, made the declaration in his latest update on the development of Cardano.

“Anything in Tanzania? Yes, we have a partnership with a telco there that is doing mesh network 4G stuff and it’s really cool, they are called World Mobile,” Hoskinson said in the update.

The telecommunication company just got their funding round, and they are building some kind of ISPS in Tanzania. The co-founder of Cardano said they’ll be announcing the partnership soonest even though they’ve been partners with the telecommunication company for a while.

World Mobile, a global mobile network provider was founded in the year 2018, with the intention of giving everyone the opportunity to be connected and have access to a mobile network.

The company says it targets giving all and sundry fair and cheap mobile internet service, and therefore makes its global sim card available in 53 counties of the world with cheap call, text, and internet rate.

World Mobile boasts of the potency of its network infrastructure, stating that it helps bring remote communities online.

Earlier in February, Charles Hoskinson hinted on the partnership with the telecoms company, stating that he’d be going to Tanzania to sign the deal after the PwC workshop.

Also, he mentioned that although the Central Bank of Zimbabwe plans on doing something, but the country is quite difficult to work with.

The CEO who is also the co-founder of Ethereum, said at the moment, the most professional country to work with in Africa is Rwanda. He cited the country has the right size, thought processes and the government is up for foreign tendering.

Cardano Bidding for Telecoms and Transport Projects

Hoskinson as well mentioned that Cardano is already bidding for a telecommunication and transportation contracts within the walls of Ethiopia. However, he furthered that the Cardano Foundation is also looking to sign other contracts on the Pan-African view, revealing his confidence that Cardano will eventually have one of the contracts.

“Eventually, we’ll services hundreds of deals every year, everyone we serviced bring hundreds or thousands or millions of people into Cardano,” Hokinson said that is the target.

Asked Whather would like to continue to work with Cardano for the next five years, Hoskinson said yes, he’d be interested in working on the infrastructure side of the blockchain. He added that he was extremely excited to have been developing products and projects on Cardano technology.

“From inception, I built Cardano with the sole aim of giving billions of people economic identity,” he concluded.



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