Crypto News Goes IEO. The Major Exchanges Interested in Company Shares

It became known that one of the most popular cryptocurrency applications, Crypto News, was the subject of a hidden interest of two major influencers — Binance and Huobi crypto exchanges. Nevertheless, the conflict was resolved today, with a partnership agreement.

The representatives of various exchanges repeatedly sent their requests to the editorial staff looking to publish more news and stories about their platforms. According to some insider information, both Binance and Huobi not only sent press releases and links to posts, but also came up with a direct offer to purchase the whole Crypto News content resource.

Until recently, project managers kept silent and did not respond to requests from crypto magnates. With the new market trends, the offer switched to a different format — exchanges came up with a proposal to organize IEO Crypto News on their platforms, but the agreements were not reached.

However, the intrigue remained: earlier, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao already wrote about two global acquisitions this year. The first became known just yesterday: Binance is negotiating with CoinMarketCap for an unprecedented M&A deal on the cryptocurrency market. Now, it seems, the second is also becoming known.

In the situation with Crypto News, events are developing rapidly: a previously agreed transaction involves the acquisition of an equal amount of shares by the Binance and Huobi exchanges. From now on, the application will publish only news about these platforms. It is known that news from Binance will be released on even days of the week, and about Huobi — on odd days. The companies also agreed to rebrand the project. Presumably it will be called Huobina News, but this is not approved yet.

It is known that the parties returned to the idea of a token sale. It is assumed that IEO will be conducted on two platforms simultaneously. The initial exchange offering of Crypto News will be held on the Binance Launchpad and Huobi platforms today, April 1. IEO will be held in the format of a lottery and airdrop. One winning ticket will allow the investor to receive a distribution of $200 or 40,000 Crypto News (CN) tokens.

The CN token will be a major element in the new ecosystem. According to the roadmap, a marketplace will be created on the Crypto News platform, where each user of the app will be able to purchase goods (clothing, household appliances, etc), paying with CN tokens. The most active users of the app will be able to purchase the Crypto News branded merchandise — with a 90% discount at the link below.


It’s April 1, and we congratulate all readers of the Crypto News app with the happy Fools day! We hope that you did not take this news seriously and did not run to look for CN tokens on the mentioned exchanges. These difficult times sometimes need a little theme humor to pop up in your feed — we also will do our best to update it with relevant and useful information.



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