Indonesian Startup Mandi Token Aims to Bridge Real-World Business Ventures to Crypto

The launch of the Mandi project is a revitalization of the hope that real-world ventures can be bridged with cryptocurrency, in a manner that is community-governed and cognizant of its stakeholders.

Cryptocurrency has promised a new emerging ecosystem in which its entrepreneurs are not only considered innovators but also providers of financial freedom for the populace that have fettered access to the financial markets. However, while this vision has been realized through the global permeance of Bitcoin, the phenomenon is the largest cryptocurrency in history, the vision of bridging real-world businesses with the decentralization, crowd-funded, and crowd-oriented philosophy of cryptocurrency has yet to be realized. 

The power of the blockchain, while hinted at through the beauty of Bitcoin, has been suggested as a replacement for traditional databases and centralized transactional infrastructures, particularly with regards to real-world assets. With a completely trustless architecture, blockchain allows for the infinite fractionalization of anything that can be described by meta-data in transactions and smart contracts. 

As a result, nearly every single asset on the planet can be fractionalized and distributed to a large group of individuals. The cost of doing so is in comparison to the traditional methodology. Unlike most companies in the space, Mandi Token, MnI, has attempted to take this disparity in thinking, and combine it with the conceptualization of the high-growth economy of Indonesia, to result in a company that is breaking with traditional thinking. 

The ecosystem’s capability to realize this vision has been limited in scope and attempt. There have been many a white paper regarding entities that have delineated mechanisms for not only their business processes, but also business outputs to be represented, transformed, and transacted with the blockchain, to no avail. The closest realization to bridging real-world business ventures with the power of cryptocurrency has been the creation of stablecoins. There is no intrinsic value of the stablecoin, however, other than that of the fiat currency it is backed by. 

MnI, a portfolio management company in Jakarta, Indonesia, saw this consistent incapability to deliver upon this vision as an opportunity. The team developed Mandi tokens to be the market leader in bridging the gap between real-world assets and cryptocurrency. This intention, juxtaposed with the fact the company is based in Indonesia, a country that is has experienced at least a 5% growth in GDP annually for the past 5 years, positions the company as one that will be able to offer a unique value-add to investors globally.1

Mandi’s biggest differentiating factor, however, is the fact that the company is investing and developing projects in the mining and infrastructure space. This is coupled with a cryptocurrency-based financing structure that is entirely focused on taking cues from their community.

Part of the reason why various companies have been incapable of generating traction when going about a similar path is that these projects have been heavily founder-controlled and governed. Meaning, investors would be participating in the upside generated through an operation controlled entirely by management. This obviously requires a significant amount of trust in the founding team, and while Mandi certainly holds itself to the highest standard of excellence, it also wanted to allow the community to have a say in what they are investing in. 

As such, Mandi has made it a point to allow the community to decide not only which projects they can invest in, but which ones the founding team should be working on and pursuing, with a forum board that allows for the further explanation of these opinions. 

The launch of the Mandi project is a revitalization of the hope that real-world ventures can be bridged with cryptocurrency, in a manner that is community-governed and cognizant of its stakeholders. Furthermore, the concept shouldn’t just be exciting from the perspective of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. This is for anyone who is interested in gaining controlled exposure to an asset class that transcends many barriers faced by retail and accredited investors.

The dawn of a new era is upon us: cryptocurrency for the savvy, practical investor.



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