Over 200 Million Accounts Added in 24hrs as TRON Records 7+ Million Milestone

Thanks to the steady growth of TRON blockchain ecosystem, the TRON network now has over 7 million accounts, CEO Justin Sun has said.

Under 24 hours, TRON network has added over 200 million accounts, an attestation its network is growing steadily. Just yesterday, TRON reported 6.8 million accounts milestone, and today, the blockchain network has surpassed 7 million, over 2.9% growth.

In an update Today, July 22, Justin Sun reported that data from TRON block explorer TRONSCAN indicates that the total number of accounts on TRON network has reached 7,001,385.

The Chinese crypto billionaire said while his blockchain network continues to accept developers and users into its community, TRON is growing at a regular stride.

The CEO of TRON remains prominent in the crypto space for some of his activities. In response to the recent Twitter hack where high profile persons’ accounts, including his, were hijacked to take advantage of unsuspecting users, Justin Sun pledge $1 million in exchange for the hackers.

The millennial CEO said he would be giving out $1 million to anyone who finds or tracks down those behind the Twitter hack.

Similarly, TRON Foundation finalized the JST airdrop on Jul 20th, sending JST tokens to all exchanges and wallets that supported the program.

TRON Announces Release of JUSTswap, Yield Farming & Oracles

Yesterday was one of the exciting days within the TRON ecosystem as Justin Sun who is also the CEO of BitTorrent, announced three crucial decisions that are connected to the TRON’s DeFi sector. In spite of the attack from observers that TRON is copying every footstep of Ethereum, the ecosystem continues to expand in the DeFi sector.

TRON will be launching the JUSTswap, a substitute of Ethereum-based project Uniswap, August 17. The USDJ and JUST yield farming will also go live on August 31st.

Meanwhile, the last project, TRON blockchain oracle, has no official date, but it is on the TRON DeFi roadmap.



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