Stellar Funded DSTOQ Launches in Over 100 Countries

DSTOQ, a company funded by the Stellar Development Foundation (STF) has recently made a milestone, as it launched in over 100 countries.

DSTOQ made this strategic decision to operate with SDF, blockchain technology in the development of its architecture, due to some distinctive features that are beneficial to their business style.

This investment which costs about 715,000 USD, paid in lumens, is the first of its kind made by SDF, via their novel Enterprise Fund. The essence of SDF investing in DSTOQ is to introduce safe tokens to incoming markets. Stellar allows for the tokenization of assets including Apple shares in a far more efficient form, that gives room to users to emerging markets, so as to invest at a fraction of its cost.

According to a report, Stellar blockchain proves to be a game-changing decision for the corporation.


DSTOQ is a government-regulated stock exchange which builds a network for investors who use cryptocurrency in real-world. It was founded by Craig Mc Gregor, in 2016.

DSTOQ operates in Liechtenstein and Berlin. The corporation functions majorly as a regulated exchange, which provides its clients the ability to invest in diverse financial instruments including bonds, stocks, ETFs among others.

At the time of writing, Gregor masterminds operations in different companies. Through its interface, DSTOQ users have access to shares such as Amazon or Tesla and also indices, bonds, and commodities that make use of cryptocurrencies or fiat.

In recent times, it was announced that DSTOQ has established a gigantic investment from the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF). The amount of investment sums up to $715,000 worth of XLM.

What actually attracted the SDF to investing with DSTOQ was its blockchain-based network which aims at providing handy and inexpensive investment to the public.

This operation is carried out through a network that grants accessibility to both customary frameworks and high impending security tokens.

One of the features that make DSTOQ unique is that while other blockchain-based corporations are engulfed with the notion of expediting official adoption, DSTOQ is stuck to attaining economic drive.

As such, DSTOQ is keenly focused on developing markets. All that is required is that users have a smartphone that will be used to access global financial markets which Stellar has made the operation not only easily accessible but also well-organized.

In the announcement made recently, DSTOQ and the SDF identified the exact markets in which they intend to affect positively. They include; Asia, South Africa, Vietnam, and South America.

Upon revealing the Stellar Development Foundation’s investment in DSROQ, Denelle Dixon, CEO, Stellar Development Foundation said the aim of SDF is to unravel the economy of the globe by making money to be in circulation, and by empowering people too.

DSTOQ focuses on cross-border investment and inimitable method to assist people in developing markets so as to gain access to investment opportunities abroad.

SDF and DSTOQ hope to advance the lives of masses even as they invent exhilarating commercial opportunities side by side. Now, a few months after the investment, DSTOQ is launching its app in over 100 countries, an indication the investment is pushing the firm to a new high.



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