Tavittcoin (TAVITT) Dumps Ethereum and Wave for TRON Blockchain

Tavittcoin (TAVITT) has updated its users that it is dumping the Ethereum and Wave network for the TRON Blockchain, worsening the battle between Ethereum and TRON.

Tavitt Co., Ltd, a Thailand-based firm behind the Tavittcoin utility token, said it is entering the BitTorrent ecosystem “BTFS”, after agreeing to flee the Ethereum and Wave network for the “sophisticated” TRON blockchain, thereby increasing its collaborations with the blockchain network.

The decision to join the BitTorrent ecosystem, according to Tavitt, is born of the torrential platform’s robust network of users that stays around 100 million worldwide, which tallies with Tavitt’s aim of becoming the world’s largest Travel platform.

To enter the BitTorrent ecosystem, Tavittcoin is setting up a fast and all-encompassing swap means for its users.

The platform will in no distant time set up a swap time for moving from the traditional Ethereum and the WAVES blockchain and to the TRON blockchain TRC20 ecosystem immediately.

According to Tavitt, TRON network is among the most indispensable blockchain & DApp platforms in the world today, stating that when its users aim to get adequate information about traveling, they can easily do by downloading a wide range of contents from BTFS.

“Travelers can also manage these contents while traveling by using BitTorrent Remote,” the update says.

“BTFS will become a necessary application for travelers, so that this collaboration with BTFS will create significant synergies.”

War Thickens As Tavitt Dumps Ethereum for TRON Blockchain

The war between TRON and Ethereum is on the increase these days. Towards the end of 2019, Blockchain Cuties dumped Ethereum for TRON to increase the potentials of its gaming dapp.

The cryptocurrency Blockchain Cuties is a crypto collectible game released in March 2018 on Ethereum blockchain.

The platform cited that TRON offers better scalability and speed compared to Ethereum which it said was completely jam-packed.

As well, BitGuild dumped Ethereum for TRON, transferring PLAT, its native utility token, to TRON blockchain.

The speedy progress of the TRON blockchain in the DApp world is a reflection of the TRON founder Justin Sun’s domination agenda for the DApp world.



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